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What is this page about ?

You may find huge types of websites of Bangla magazines. Which do you prefer? At my suggestion this website has a tremendous output on the basis of your choice. You can read all types of magazine from here. The index sheet is properly presented and well formatted than other websites. That's my suggestion, if you have no time to buy these magazines, then you can use this website. I recommended about the website, you will very happy to see the websites. It may say, the directory of magazines. As Bangladesh newspapers publish  relevant funny magazines like Ros Alo, Bicchu, Kali o Kalam, Shaptahik, Notun Pata these are also available in this website. So just kepp visiting, and enjoy the literature world. 

What is Magazine ?

At the very first of this article, we are to know what is meant by a magazine? As we are Bangladeshi, so  i am going to write about Bangla magazine. A very  interesting happening goes on that there we can define 3 types of magazine. One is like a television program to give entertaining us, one is named by weapons for military uses and one is our article topic as like to print book having some relevant articles and stories. So generally we can define Bangla magazine as containing Bangla funny stories, Bangla articles in a printed cover. Again, it is printed as monthly or weekly or yearly.

Bangla  Magazine History

As like Bangla newspapers, it has the same value in the field of journalism. But yes, there are also seen some differences between them. If we consider the term journalism, then the nature is quite different. Actually magazines relate to literature. As we have seen the origin of the magazine, the word "Magazine"came from French, Italian, Arabic, Kazan words, In late 16th century. In the mid of 18th century it was fully upgraded and contains stories, poems, articles from several famous writers.  So as like Bangladesh Newspaper, it's has the same importance. The Bangla  magazine directory has a huge collection of magazines. There we see some relevant magazine published in Bangla. Those are Anondo Alo, Saptahik, Notunpata, Parabash, Kaurab,  Sabujpata, Kishore, Anyadin, Bichitra. If we write a little description about those, we may write some basic idea about it thus you can understand the phenomenon. It is related to the same outcome of Bangla Newspapers. 

Know About Bangaldeshi Magazine

If we write something about Bangla Magazine Anondo Alo, it is related as our Bangladeshi lifestyle as well as abroad. The publisher of the magazine are Impress Telefilm Publications. The content of this magazine is like how to make a beautiful face specially for woman, the Bangladeshi most popular celebrity, the actors and Co actors bondage, the recreation chapters and also offeres some prizes providing quizzes. Bangladesh Newspapers also provide those news sometimes.
Another Most relevant Bangla Magazine name is Natunpata. Specially  this magazine is published for children. Little poems, little and learned Stories names "Eshop Stories" are published in this magazine. Interesting pictures are also attached to this magazine  so that children get extreme recreation from this magazine.